Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 273

AI Customer Conversation Analysis

In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Mauro Bennici, Co-Founder and CTO of You Are My Guide joins host Jake Smith to discuss Ghostwriter AI customer analysis and forecasting.

Mauro talks about the journey of You Are My Guide, starting out using natural language processing (NLP) to help provide tourism services and evolving into an NLP platform called Ghostwriter AI that provides a suite of services to call centers and enterprises of all kinds.

He talks about how Ghostwriter AI uses artificial intelligence to analyze audience sentiment and create predictions for marketing, social media campaigns, and other campaigns.

Through their collaboration with the Intel AI Builders program, You Are My Guide has optimized their solution for Intel processors enabling a broad range of customers to deploy their AI platform without changing their hardware stack.

Jake and Mauro wrap the episode discussing the future of NLP giving companies the ability to truly address the needs of their customers and provide value in real time.