European Big Data Value Forum 2021

Collaboration to increase the impact: technical challenges and generated value from European federated data driven initiatives

The session will first show how technology efforts can be efficiently combined in a shared strategy around federated platforms and then discuss how this learning path comes to a greater impact on a data-driven economy.  The objective of the session will be to highlight the main challenges for data sharing, data governance and interoperability and scalability and how to tackle them in a practical way. Best practices from several platforms representatives and open discussion about success factors that demonstrated to achieve good results.

Also, the session will try to understand why federated data platforms should be developed and expanded in the coming years, and how they can support European SMEs to access more data and develop better data services, growing Europe’s data economy and enhancing European digital sovereignty. At the same time, examining data platforms from a citizen’s perspective will spotlight the important issues that need to be managed to ensure that these platforms fully respect and support the rights and privacy of European citizens – a core aspect of the drive for digital sovereignty as well.